TRUTH: Foundation of Reality

TRUTH: Foundation of Reality

TRUTH: Foundation of Reality

Did God create the world, or did it just materialize from nothing?

Does matter make mind? Or, on the other hand, could it be mind makes matter?

What is consciousness and where does it come from?

Is mind simply a functioning brain? Or, does the brain serve a function to mind?

How does conscious mind work?

Does planet Earth hold the only evidence of higher-level consciousness in the entire universe?

What becomes of you when conscious life is lost?

Is there some purpose behind this physical universe?

Is God real or only a simple baseless answer to a multitude of complex questions?

If real, what is God’s nature?

What is God’s relationship to you? Does he care about your situation?

What is God’s relationship to all else in the universe, whether animate or inanimate?

Both spiritual and intellectual men throughout the ages have pondered these questions, as a hunger for understanding permeates the mind of man. You may have never contemplated these ideas, but who has not thought that if only the other person would just change his or her behavior, happiness would be at hand? Or have you ever credited God with your good fortune, your well-being, your family, or the beautiful day, or blamed him for not caring about you, maybe letting someone you love die, or losing your home, or job. Various writings say that thoughts hold the key to peace, contentment, happiness, and fulfillment. If this is true, when we look at our own life; at our own relationships in the world; and the world at large, it is obvious our thoughts must really be off-kilter.

It is usually some adverse situation, experience, condition, or relationship in our immediate physical world that drives us to our knees, assuming that is our training, or perhaps causes us to dive into a bottle if we take our comfort in liquid form, or leads us to open a book for answers. Whatever you have experienced in this physical world, TRUTH—Foundation of Reality offers an opportunity to truly “let go and let God” in a way you have possibly never thought about before. The yammering of that judgmental, anger-filled, fear-ridden, spiteful, gleeful, and prideful voice you hear constantly in your mind is explained, and you will be presented with the way it can be quietened, allowing that other Voice to be heard. Help is available for all within these pages, but not all will find it palatable or even understandable. You do not have to swallow or understand because nothing can change Truth, for It is the foundation of reality.


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