The Last Crusade

The Last Crusade

The Last Crusade

Note: This is NOT a politically correct story.

In January 2017, America is reeling after Ms. Clayton won the 2016 election amid rumors of voter fraud and thousands of missing ballots. Her email scandal continues to plague her. The Director of the FBI is fired by the AG for wanting to file charges against Ms. Clayton. The Republicans hold the House and Senate causing nothing to get done. The media quickly announce their support of the new President. The ‘First Husband’ gets caught in a hotel room on a date with an escort who records and posts the entire meeting on the internet making him the laughing stock of the world when it’s clear he can’t ‘get it up.’

The Russian Ambassador shows up in the Oval office with copies of Ms. Clayton’s deleted emails threatening to release them to the American media if she doesn’t hand over US defense secrets.

ISIS selects an Oxford educated Prime Minster who quickly forms a legitimate government. He convinces most of the other Muslim countries to set aside their differences and form a Caliphate which covers most of Northern Africa and the Middle East. The Caliphate Prime Minister petitions the United Nations for recognition and membership. The UN quickly agrees to his request. Pakistan hands over their WMD to the military leaders of the new Caliphate enabling them to become a formal member in the nuclear weapons club.

The Caliphate threatens Ms. Clayton by releasing her deleted emails which they too have copies of. Only there aren’t 30,000 deleted emails, there are 56,000 of them. When the secret escapes that Russia and the Caliphate have copies of her deleted emails which contained top secret information. The House of Representatives begins debating Articles of Impeachment against the President. To appease and attempt to cut a deal with the Caliphate, Ms. Clayton offers to recognize them and agree to withdraw the US military from the Middle East, leaving Israel alone, surrounded by hostile forces.

Egypt refuses to join the Caliphate which attacks her in an attempt to force her into joining the other Islamic countries. Israel is the only country who comes to Egypt’s aid when the Caliphate attacks her. Egypt and Israel launch a surprise attack on the Caliphate’s troops preparing to invade Egypt.

The Caliphate uses her nuclear arsenal on a surprise attack on New York City, Paris, Berlin, the Vatican, Tel Aviv and Moscow. Russia and America think each struck the other, setting off a large counter strike by each against the others’ military targets. While the world is mourning the millions of dead, the Caliphate announces a worldwide embargo of oil against any country who doesn’t agree to pay a Jizya tax. The price of a barrel of oil quickly jumps to 0.00 crippling the world’s economy. American inflation quickly rises to 15%. The price for a gallon of gas quickly passes .00. Layoffs and business closings set a record. Unemployment passes 12% within two months. Ms. Clayton begins to melt down from the stress, she locks herself in the Oval Office refusing to see anyone except her chief of staff.

After the Caliphate destroys The Holy See, the new Pope calls for a Crusade to end the Islamic threat, he asks the world to form a new Holy Army of God. The Prime Minister of the Caliphate has a dream where he sees himself as the Mahdi bringing forth the end of days. The new crusaders wear arm patches of either the Russian Orthodox cross the Red cross of the Templers or the blue Star of David. In a surprise move, Egypt joins with the West and Russia in the Final Crusade. As the Crusaders prepare for their invasion, the Caliphate strikes first disrupting the invasion plans. The largest land war in history starts on the Mount of Megiddo setting up the final war. The Last Crusade will determine who controls the planet.


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