The Ivory Bow (A Chyna Stone Adventure Book 6) Reviews

The Ivory Bow (A Chyna Stone Adventure Book 6)

The Ivory Bow (A Chyna Stone Adventure Book 6)

“Epic and awesome!”

—J.T. Cross, bestselling author of Beneath the Deep

“K.T. Tomb is a wonderful new voice in adventure fiction.”

—Aiden James, bestselling author of Plague of Coins

While Chyna Stone and her current partner, Sirita, are on a quest for Montezuma’s gold, they run into trouble with a crime lord and have to flee Mexico. They join up with Tony, her boyfriend, and Mark, a new member of the team, to begin a quest for the Ivory Bow, a supernatural artifact which once belonged to Queen Christina of Sweden. The Ivory Bow possesses magical powers—the person who commands it could become the master of the world.

The Ivory Bow hasn’t been seen since World War II. Now, Chyna is in a hurry to recover it from its current guardians…before it’s too late.

When members of the Found History team race to Lithuania after the Ivory Bow, they find themselves in the midst of political upheaval. Their contact is about to be killed and, in order to escape the same fate, they must deceive the locals.

As Chyna and the team get closer to the Ivory Bow, danger heats up between them and their evil competitors. With death in their wake and flames at their heels, Chyna goes on the run with someone she doesn’t even trust. There might be a mole in her organization and this time, it could mean her death. Will she be betrayed again?

The trail of clues propels them on a treacherous path. But Chyna Stone is no ordinary archaeologist—she’s an adventurer, through and through—and she will do all she can to preserve history and to protect the lives of those she cares most about…all while attempting to recover the Ivory Bow from one of the most dangerous secret societies in history.

THE IVORY BOW is K.T. Tomb’s sixth novel in her Chyna Stone adventure thriller series.


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