Student’s Encyclopedia of General Knowledge

Student’s Encyclopedia of General Knowledge

Student's Encyclopedia of General Knowledge

This encyclopedia is the best source of information and reference in a single volume, particularly for students of classes III to VIII. It provides the best of GK to its readers. Every piece of information is authentic – culled together from several areas of knowledge ranging from encyclopedias, fact books, year books, official government releases, internet and other reliable sources – and verified for accuracy.

Salient Features:

• The best reference book for students, teachers and parents

• Includes the most up-to-date facts & figures

• Alphabetical order of entries in each chapter

• Believe It or Not’ boxes contain over 100 amazing facts

• Quiz at the end contains 200 important questions

• Over 100 lavish & spectacular illustrations

• Index contains around 200 direct & cross entries

Table of Contents:

• Common abbreviations

• Famous books (India)

• Famous books (World)

• Hello India

• Presidents of India

• Prime Ministers of India

• Indian states and their capitals

• Indian states and their languages

• Dances of India

• Countries and their capitals

• Countries and their currencies

• Countries and their natives

• Countries and their languages

• Countries and their religions

• Continents and countries

• Changed names of some places

• Geographical epithets

• Riverside cities

• Cities associated with industries

• Number of players

• Names of playgrounds

• National games

• Olympic Games

• World Cup Soccer

• World Cup Cricket

• Famous sportspersons

• Sports cups and trophies

• Sports terms

• Sports measurements

• Sports stadiums in India

• Places associated with sports

• First in India

• First in the world

• Popular titles of famous personalities

• Nationalities of famous personalities

• Famous founders

• Popular slogans

• Animal records

• Animal facts

• National parks and sanctuaries

• Famous sites (India)

• Famous sites (World)

• India’s superlatives

• World’s superlatives

• Seven Wonders of the ancient world

• Museums in India

• United Nations

• Nobel Prize

• Indian Nobel Laureates

• Bharat Ratna

• National Awards

• Inventions

• Scientific discoveries

• Scientific instruments

• Branches of science

• The planets

• Body facts

• Vitamins

• Diseases and human body

• Festivals of India

• Major religions

• Important days

• Important events in Indian history

• Important events in world history

• Fictional characters and their creators

• Defining places

• Different subjects

• Professionals

• Important terms

• World records held by India(ns)

• Newspapers and periodicals

• The top 5

• Miscellaneous

• Quiz

• Answers

• Index

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