Soft Target (Major Crimes Unit Book 1) Reviews

Soft Target (Major Crimes Unit Book 1)

Soft Target (Major Crimes Unit Book 1)

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A non-stop action thriller in the vein of Jack Reacher and the television series, 24, from bestselling author, Iain Rob Wright. First book in the Major Crime Unit series is now free.

Nowhere is safe from evil…

When a quaint town in the United Kingdom is stuck by a suicide bomber, a once proud nation is brought to its knees. Yet this first attack is just the beginning of something much greater and far worse. Something that nobody could have predicted.

The days to follow will determine if the UK has a future, or if it will be reduced to anarchy and ashes.

Only one person stands between the people of the UK and their complete destruction. Too bad it’s an angry, damaged ex-solider named Sarah Stone. Sarah despises her country for what it did to her, and that’s what makes it so hard when she is forced to save it.

SOFT TARGET is the first in a series of books featuring strong heroine Captain Sarah Stone and the Major Crimes Unit. It is a non-stop action thriller in the same style of Jack Reacher, Tom Clancy, and 24.

“Iain Rob Wright blows me away.” J A Konrath, author of the Jack Daniels books.

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