Slave To The Billionaire (His Dirty Secret Book 1) Reviews

Slave To The Billionaire (His Dirty Secret Book 1)

Slave To The Billionaire (His Dirty Secret Book 1)

The billionaire always gets his way…

Isobel Cairns believes she’s won this time; after tricking the reclusive but charismatic billionaire Tyler James into giving her a job, everything seems too easy for the devious, assertive beauty. But when Mr. James reveals he knew all along she was playing him, and commands her to take off her coffee-stained dress and follow his every order, Isobel’s fragile world of deception is turned upside down!

Soon they’re entwined in a steamy web of lust and deceit; Tyler James is a man who knows exactly what he wants, and Isobel promptly discovers she has a taste for following the billionaire’s every command. However, when she unearths a discarded wedding band inside a drawer, can she reconcile feelings of irresistible lust, and a deep, hurting desire to know if she’s just His Dirty Secret?

This sordid, steamy novel is the latest release from best-selling author Evelyn Troy. Filled with graphically described depictions of hot, BDSM-infused sex, it is for neither the faint-hearted, nor for anyone under the age of 18!


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