Sin & Bone: A Medical Thriller (The Gina Mazzio Series Book 2)

Sin & Bone: A Medical Thriller (The Gina Mazzio Series Book 2)

Sin & Bone: A Medical Thriller (The Gina Mazzio Series Book 2)

The SECOND fast-paced medical thriller in The Gina Mazzio Series.


That’s the plea RN Gina Mazzio hears when she gets an anonymous call the night before her wedding. The cops say it’s a crank call. Her fiancé says she’s altar-shy. Her fellow workers call her “silly”.

But Gina’s got a bad feeling…

And then it turns out two of her fellow nurses at San Francisco’s Ridgewood Hospital are missing. Instead of a honeymoon, she’s plunged into the dark world of the black market trade in human body parts. Need we mention this is not medical suspense for the faint-hearted?

When a third nurse, Gina’s redheaded friend Megan Ann Hendricks, fails to show up at work after a date with a charismatic pharma salesman, Gina’s suspicions begin to dovetail with those of another clever woman sleuth, San Francisco Detective Pepper Yee.

But her investigation gets a little too zealous and Gina ends up a kidnap victim offered up to a serial killer with extremely grisly propensities—and a lucrative sideline in black market body parts. Did we forget to say: This suspenseful hospital mystery is not for sissies? Should we say it again? Don’t come near this fast-paced medical mystery if you’re the least bit squeamish!

Fans of hard-boiled medical thrillers will love it, though. As well as lovers of serial killer fiction, strong women sleuths, hospital mysteries, and all medical fiction, especially fans of Tess Gerritsen, Carolyn McCray, Eileen Dreyer, and Robin Cook. It should delight devotees of Patricia Cornwell too.

“SIN & BONE is a chilling, gripping thriller by a talented writing couple.” -Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini, MWA Grand Masters

What they said about the first ‘Gina Mazzio mystery, BONE DRY:

“BONE DRY … a medical thriller not for the squeamish.” –Publishers Weekly


Corps Justice Boxed Set: Books 1-3: Back to War, Council of Patriots, Prime Asset – Military Thrillers

Corps Justice Boxed Set: Books 1-3: Back to War, Council of Patriots, Prime Asset - Military Thrillers

This is a box set that contains Books 1-3 of the Corps Justice Series: “Back to War”, “Council of Patriots”, and “Prime Asset”

–Back to War–

In a bloody gang initiation gone wrong, Former Marine Staff Sergeant Cal

Stokes simultaneously loses his fiancé and is thrust into America’s

unforgiving criminal underbelly. Never one to back down, the Navy Cross

winner is forced to use the skills honed in the Marines along with the

assets of his deceased father’s company, Stokes Security International

(S.S.I.), to track down his enemy and penetrate the world of his enemy.

He must seek his own brand of justice…

Corps Justice.

–Council of Patriots–

A beautiful woman butchered…

A Congressman blackmailed…

A secret cabal of Japanese imperialists…

A small group of retired politicians form to protect America. The Council of Patriots is born. Former Marine Cal Stokes, and his team at SSI, head to Las Vegas, to uncover an invisible enemy that threatens to infiltrate the Democratic National Convention. What is their endgame, and more importantly: Who is the American politician pulling the strings?

With assassins around every corner, and a supposed ally manipulating both sides, Stokes must carefully utilize his team and the Council to stop the rise of a new empire.

–Prime Asset–

An old enemy resurfaces…

An employee kidnapped…

A new weapon created…

Cal Stokes’s good friend, Neil Patel, has disappeared. Following the trail to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Stokes and his men must find the culprit and rescue their colleague before it’s too late. The only problem is that the enemy lies in wait, hoping for a final showdown.

With an outside group of aggressors making a play for dominance, the former Marine must lead his team through the hazardous snow-filled mountains to eliminate their adversary.

How many bodies will be left when the snow melts?

Corps Justice Series Order:

1. Back to War

2. Council of Patriots

3. Prime Asset

4. Presidential Shift

5. National Burden

6. Lethal Misconduct

7. Moral Imperative

8. Disavowed

Corps Justice Daniel Briggs Sniper Novels:

1. Adrift

Corps Justice Short Stories:

1. God-Speed

2. Running


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