Resonating Souls: A Bermuda Nights Novella

Resonating Souls: A Bermuda Nights Novella

Resonating Souls: A Bermuda Nights Novella

Amanda desperately needed to get away. Her whole life had been about pleasing others – her straight-laced parents, her rule-bound teachers. When her best friend, Kayla, suggested they hop a cruise from Boston to Bermuda, Amanda leapt at the chance. This was her one chance to light the night on fire.

And then Evan stepped on stage.

Evan was exactly the type her country-club parents would have disapproved of. Ripped abs and soul-deep eyes. Lightning-fast fists. One glance and she knew she had to be his – if just for these seven brief, torturously-exquisite days.

And, oh, Evan could play her. His fingers were connoisseurs of her body, drawing out her deeper notes, sending her soaring to heights she barely knew existed. She lost all sense of self, of rules.

Until the day she saw what she was never meant to see – and her world changed forever.

* * *

Half of all author’s proceeds of this novella benefit battered women’s shelters.

Resonating Souls is the first of four novellas in the Bermuda Nights series. Due to the strong sexual content and adult situations, this romantic suspense story is recommended for readers aged 17+. The first three novellas have cliff-hanger endings, which lead to the final novella with a happily-ever-after.

Ophelia adores Boston and has lived in the region for nearly all her adult life. She’s worked in Cambridge, hanging out at the Irish pubs and watching sculling on the Charles. She was at the first Celtics game at the Fleet Center and has pub-hopped her way down Lansdowne Street behind Fenway Park. She’s seen the Nutcracker at the Wang and savored Locke-Ober before they closed. Ophelia’s been on the Boston to Bermuda cruise ship run three times and highly recommends the adventure! Most of all, Ophelia cherishes the spirit of Boston – a unique city unlike any other in the world.

Boston Strong.


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