Reality Respawns: Worlds Collide

Reality Respawns: Worlds Collide

Reality Respawns: Worlds Collide

Mitch or BajanCanadian creates a brand new book series dedicated to his fans. The adventure begins with Reality Respawns when the world of online gaming begins to merge with reality…. Four good friends are plunged into a world where realities mix and they must seek out help from an expert in the online world, Benja. In their quest to find him, Katie, Mike, Jenn and Myles encounter the mysterious Adjunct Professor who has his own reasons for helping them. They must learn to slay monsters and stay healthy to survive long enough to seek out and deliver the quest items that the Adjunct Professor needs to power his strange machine. It may be the only chance they have to restore the worlds to their proper realities. A legendary hero in this strange hybrid land helps the four adventurers complete their mission. Only Benja can help when the tasks get too hard, but will his help require the ultimate sacrifice…?

List Price: $ 12.99

Price: $ 12.99

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