Reality Now (The Reality Series Book 2)

Reality Now (The Reality Series Book 2)

Reality Now (The Reality Series Book 2)

After her life-changing vacation, self-proclaimed bookworm Annie Rogers’s adventures continue. This time, promising to bring even more new and exciting things to her once humdrum life.

The Hollow Log Inn in Whistler is as majestic as any fairy tale she’s ever read about. So too are her magical dreams, hinting at the possibility of a real life sweet romance with James Baker, but there’s a problem – Garry is her boyfriend. Although they’ve not spent much together, Annie wants to honor their budding relationship. James, however, is equally smitten with her and hard to resist, with his Prince Charming ways and loving heart.

James, still reeling from the untimely death of his former girlfriend, sees something in Annie that she never quite was able to see for herself. That connection makes Annie’s dilemma that much more difficult.

How quickly life has changed for the young woman, who only recently decided to embrace the outside world, but never imagined that the fantastical love stories she read about could ever become her reality.


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