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Tender Claws LLC
Genre: Books
Price: $ 2.99
Release Date: October 1, 2014

**2015 Independent Games Festival Finalist for Excellence in Narrative**

A story revealed by opening a character’s eyes, pulling apart his memories and grasping his infinitely scrolling thoughts. Six years ago, James–a demolition expert–returned from the First Gulf War. Explore James’ mind as his vision fails and his past collides with his present. Pry delivers an iPad-based reading experience in the form of a book to watch and a film to touch.


"Everyone interested in the contemporary state or future of literature as a hybrid tactile mediated experience should experience Pry." — Los Angeles Review of Books

"The narrative is fragmented, the visuals atmospheric: Charlie Kaufman by way of an acid trip." — LA Weekly


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PRY runs on iPad 2 and newer, iPhone 4s and newer, and iPod Touch 5th Gen.
Small text optimized for iPhone 5 and above.


**Finalist for the Future of Storytelling Prize presented by Time Warner**
**Shortlisted for New Media Writing Prize 2015"**
**FWA Mobile of the Day **
**WordPlay Festival of Writerly Games Showcase**


We are serializing Pry as two parts. Part 1, available now, contains six chapters and runs 25 – 50 minutes for an initial read through. However, the project is structured so that no single read-through will reveal all details. Multiple readings are encouraged.

We invite you, as an early reader, to download Pry Part 1 now and receive Part 2 as a free update when it becomes available.

**Epilepsy Warning: project contains moments of flashing text and strobing imagery. Reduced flashing mode available in PRY settings.**
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