Policeman Small (Lois Lenski Books) Reviews

Policeman Small (Lois Lenski Books)

Policeman Small (Lois Lenski Books)

Policeman Small gets to see a lot of what goes on in town. He’s at his post, directing traffic, by six o’clock in the morning. On one busy day, Policeman Small makes sure the town’s kids get to school safely. He also helps an ambulance and fire truck get through the intersection, and even leads a parade on his motorcycle. During the rush, Policeman Small spreads his cheer by saying hello to all the people passing in cars.

From the Hardcover edition.Policeman Small is on the job! This hard-working cop is up at the crack o’ dawn to direct traffic and spread cheer with his friendly smile. In one busy day he guides schoolchildren across the street, reprimands a speeding sports car driver, clears the street for an ambulance and a fire truck, writes tickets for drivers involved in an accident, and leads a parade. Even so, this conscientious officer is never too busy to overlook a wayward puppy or hungry kitty. During her lifetime, Newbery Medal recipient Lois Lenski wrote and illustrated more than 90 books for children. Her classic Mr. Small books were well loved by generations of children, and are now making their way back into print in full color for a happy new batch of readers. For more adventures with the gentle Mr. Small, read The Little Auto. (Ages 3 to 6) –Emilie Coulter

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