My sector, my rules…

A must read for classic science fiction enthusiasts!

For two thousand years, the Human run empire known as the Alliance of Major Planets (AMP)
brought peace and stability to the five galaxies surrounding and
including the Milky Way. Advances in technology, and a strong set of
fair laws, brought with it a peaceful expansion of Human ideals. As the
alliance aged, corruption crept in, allowing an overthrow that placed a
dozen ruling families in control. Without clear leadership, the New
Alliance begins to decay, and without change, it will ultimately fail.

Knog Beutcher, a three star veteran detective, living in the New
Alliance is a struggle. He finds himself caught in the middle of the
chaos as colonies rebel and populations riot. With the invasion of one
of the galaxies by an external enemy, the alliance’s future becomes
uncertain. Corruption, rebellion, intrigue and lawlessness have come to
Knog’s world. His struggles have only just begun…

Also available from this author:


six-book series that takes Man from his first encounter with aliens all
the way to a fight for our all-out survival. Do we have what it takes
to rule the galaxy?

AMP Series

Cast a thousand
years into the future beyond SODIUM. This eight-book series chronicles
the struggles of Don Grange, a simple package deliveryman, who is thrust
into an unimaginable role in the fight against our enemies. Can we win
peace and freedom after a thousand years of war?

OMEGA Series

a thousand years into the future beyond AMP. The Alliance is crumbling.
When corruption and politics threaten to throw the allied galaxies into
chaos, Knog Beutcher gets caught in the middle. Follow along as our
hero is thrust into roles that he never expected or sought. Espionage,
intrigue, political assassinations, rebellions and full-on revolutions,
they are all coming to Knog Beutcher’s world!


is a modern day story unrelated to the SODIUM-AMP-OMEGA trilogy series.
After scientists using the Large Hadron Collider discover dark matter,
the world is plunged into chaos. Massive waves of electromagnetic
interference take out all grid power and forms of communication the
world over. Cities go dark, food and water supplies are quickly used up,
and marauders rule the highways. One group of citizens takes a stand.
Can they make a difference? And the devastating EM waves, where are they
coming from? After months of starvation, a benevolent species arrive in
their spaceships to rescue the Human race. Only, are they really so

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