New Additions (By Design Book 5) Reviews

New Additions (By Design Book 5)

New Additions (By Design Book 5)

Life is never dull for Senator Candace Reid and her wife Jameson. Senator Reid’s campaign for governor of New York is drawing to a close. Candace and Jameson are looking forward to welcoming the newest addition to their family. But life, like politics is unpredictable. With the election only weeks away, Candace and Jameson find themselves faced with unexpected and unimaginable loss. Upheaval, competing priorities, and the everyday ups and downs of life will challenge the entire Fletcher-Reid family.

Candace’s required absences will place Jameson in the unlikely role of caring for two small children, and leading the family through crisis. Mischievous grandchildren, opinionated adult children, political detractors, and the demands of a political campaign create occasional chaos. Through both laughter and tears, Candace and Jameson endeavor to strengthen the bonds in their family. A few games of hide and seek, a healthy dose of Chinese food, and the persistent teasing from their children about Bible Study, bring much needed levity to the lives of Candace and Jameson.

Loss is never easy. Candace and Jameson never waiver in their commitment to one another and to their quirky family. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Fall in love with them all over again as they welcome New Additions.


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