NAPOLEON’S GOLD: An Abi and the Fox adventure Reviews

NAPOLEON’S GOLD: An Abi and the Fox adventure

NAPOLEON'S GOLD: An Abi and the Fox adventure

Young Adult Fiction

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” Yoko Ono.

Chase the dream with Abi and the Fox in a story of revenge across time culminating in the smugglers’ caves of a Scottish Loch. Who will succeed? Before the boy became a man Fox joins beautiful Oxford undergraduate Abigail MacAtear in her search for the truth of her parents drowning on Loch Leven.

It is 1960s Britain, the summer of 1965, and John Fox accompanies classmate Jack MacAtear for the holidays at his family hotel. Unsuspectingly, he launches on an adventure from war torn Napoleonic Holland to the secrets of a Scottish Loch driven by the quest for buried treasure, powerful hypnotic suggestion and the paranormal powers of an unforgiving ancestor.

Two men, Frank MacAtear and Dr Nicolaas de la Mare with a thirst for 10,000 gold Napoleons will sacrifice anyone to gain the treasure that lay buried for 155 years as finally the first thieves and their contemporary descendants find their worlds colliding.

The reason we dream is still one of the psychologist’s most unanswered problems and involves both the light and shade of dreams and hypnosis. We can turn to the respected publication Psychology Today, ‘people continue unearthing their dreams for evidence of their past lives, for imaginative insight, and even for forewarnings’. Our tale rests on the work of eminent research psychologist, Dr Nicolaas de la Mare of the University of Amsterdam, whose research thinking led him to conclude these were not past lives but genetic memory, passed down through the generations. They stir when the genetic composition of this incumbent most closely matches the particular ancestor. De la Mare postulated that specific experience is encoded in genes, and proposed this as an explanation for past life regression. Science, greed and ambition are of course well-known bedfellows and much of the mischief of our tale is centred on this activity, as some good old-fashioned greed clings like barnacles to this kernel of science to recover Napoleon’s Gold.

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