My Brother’s Best Friend (Crazy in Love Book 1) Reviews

My Brother’s Best Friend (Crazy in Love Book 1)

My Brother's Best Friend (Crazy in Love Book 1)


I showed up at a new school and met Wallace Hall on my first day. His sister and he were legends already. And as soon as I met her, I could understand why. She had me wrapped with one glance. After we get together, I spend too much time worried that she’ll see she deserves so much better than me. Can you love someone too much. What if your happiness depends on being with them? All I know is that she has to be in my life, and I’ll do anything to make sure she is.


Colin’s been the only good thing in my life except for my brother. But what happens when everyone is determined to tear us apart? Will love be enough to keep us together. Or will high school drama create problems and hurt that we can’t overcome. I know that I love him, but I’ve seen before that love isn’t always enough. All I know is that we’re crazy, and we’re in love.


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