Most Greatly Lived

Most Greatly Lived

Most Greatly Lived

To be or not to be — who really asked that question? The answer to the world’s longest literary mystery may well be England’s best-kept secret. Increasingly abundant evidence strongly supports Edward de Vere as the true genius-playwright and confirms that William Shaksper of Stratford was illiterate and merely a pawn in a cover-up. In Most Greatly Lived – A Biographical Novel of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, Whose Pen Name Was William Shakespeare, author Paul Altrocchi dramatically depicts de Vere’s colorful life, offering new and exciting perspectives into the raging authorship controversy.

Against the resplendent backdrop of England’s finest era, Most Greatly Lived elucidates the fascinating, remarkably intimate, intertwining lives of the three leaders of England’s national emergence: Queen Elizabeth, Lord Treasurer William Cecil, and previously little-known Edward de Vere who was coerced to write under an assumed name.

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