MindField: a speculative science thriller

MindField: a speculative science thriller

MindField: a speculative science thriller


‘Gifted mathematician Dr Chris Reynolds has had a distinguished career but an unremarkable life working on a radical new physics she has developed with her boss Dr Ian Lineker.

After Lineker disappears, her attempts to find him lead to an unlikely alliance with a troubled ex-soldier in their struggle against an Internet Cult and an unknown multinational corporation, both determined to gain control of the new science.

When an amputated finger arrives in the post, the realisation she is running out of time is further complicated by the possibility that time itself may no longer be running sequentially.’


If you want a page-turner with an irresistible story line, non-stop action, and characters you will love and hate, then MindField is for you.

If you are looking for a thriller that presents actual science in a seamless and easily assimilated way – then MindField is definitely for you.

But even if you are not into science at all, as a primer into thinking that will shape our future and as a compelling roller-coaster of a story, MindField is essential reading.


Conventional physics is in crisis. Take the assertion that 95% of everything is made up of Dark Energy and Dark Matter that we can’t interact with in any way, or perhaps even weirder, the claim that ‘now’ is just a psychological effect.

An increasing number of physicists recognise these are not convincing narratives.

There is a new physics described in MindField which accounts for all the available evidence without the need to invent stuff or misrepresent experience. It is called Process Physics and represents an evolution in science as radical as was the transition from Newton to Einstein.


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