Jewel of a Hustler: An Urban Love Story

Jewel of a Hustler: An Urban Love Story

Jewel of a Hustler: An Urban Love Story

A’Dre Keeton, the oldest of three, has his hands tied. Not only because he has to keep his rambunctious teen brothers in line, but because he must oversee his mother’s multi-million-dollar dynasty. Being the son of “Pretty” Penny Keeton isn’t easy, but it has it’s perks. One being that everything is at his disposal. All except a pretty brown skinned girl who just wants to make sure her future is secure without the need of a man.

Jewel Lennox might look sweet and soft on the outside, yet she is anything but. After her parents’ death, she ventures all the way to Montgomery, Alabama from Southcentral, LA. Upon arrival, she meets a rich, young hooligan who she wants no parts of. With a chase, Jewel can’t help but submit under his charm.

Unfortunately for A’Dre, his goddess of a mother has eyes and ears all around, reminding her son that women only want thing from a man. Poisoning her son’s mind allows a young athlete by the name of Osiris to shoot his chances, yet there is bitter blood between he and A’Dre. Could it be that Osiris wants Jewel to get back at A’Dre for something that was done in the past? Can A’Dre shake his mother’s words and claim Jewel before it’s too late? And will Jewel make a wise decision when it comes to who to choose?

With A’Dre’s ex chomping at his heels and his money looking worst than ever, he can only hope that a challenge like Jewel can pull him out of a life of craziness.


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