Home to Me (The Andrades, Book 2)

Home to Me (The Andrades, Book 2)

Home to Me (The Andrades, Book 2)

NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

Nick Andrade:

Sexy, charming, bad boy. He’s never been a one woman man, but he’s willing to give it a try every Saturday with Rena.

Rena Sander:

Confident, caring, a woman who plays by the rules. She’s never been in love, and thinks keeping sex with Nick contained to one day a week will protect her heart.

He’s the hot fantasy she’s always craved.

She’s the only woman he’d consider reforming for.

When their relationship is exposed and they must defend it, will these two lovers discover that home is in each other’s arms?

**This is the second book in the series. Make sure you read Gio & Julia’s story in “Come Away with Me”. Available now for free.

The Andrades:

A spin off series of the Legacy Collection with cameos from characters you love from that series.

Book 1: Come Away With Me (Free Download)

Book 2: Home to Me

Book 3: Maximum Risk

Book 4: Somewhere Along the Way

Book 5: Loving Gigi

Other Contemporary Romance Titles by Ruth Cardello:

The Legacy Collection

Where my billionaires began.

Book 1: Maid for the Billionaire (Free Download)

Book 2: For Love or Legacy

Book 3: Bedding the Billionaire

Book 4: Saving the Sheikh

Book 5: Rise of the Billionaire

Book 6: Breaching the Billionaire: Alethea’s Redemption

Recipe For Love: A Hot Andrade Christmas Novella

Book 7: A Corisi Christmas Novella (available on pre-order now)

The Barrington Billionaires Series

A new, seven book series about the Andrade’s Boston cousins.

Book 1: Always Mine (available on pre-order now)

Book 2: Stolen Kisses

*watch for a linked series written by my sister, Jeannette Winters.

You won’t need to read her series to enjoy mine, but it sure will make it more fun. Our characters will appear in both series.

Her Book 1: One White Lie

Lone Star Burn Series

Fun, hot romances that roam from the country to the city and back.

Book 1: Taken, Not Spurred

Book 2: Tycoon Takedown

Book 3: Taken Home

Temptation Series Bundle

Guaranteed to put you on Santa’s Naughty List.

Book 1: Twelve Days of Temptation

Book 2: Be My Temptation

Taken by a Trillionaire

Ruth Cardello, JS Scott, Melody Anne.

Three hot fantasies about alpha princes and the women who tame them.


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