Heartless (Derek Cole Suspense Thriller Book 1) Reviews

Heartless (Derek Cole Suspense Thriller Book 1)

Heartless (Derek Cole Suspense Thriller Book 1)

A Heartless Child… A Medical Mystery… The Cold Horror of Revenge

Still suffering after the tragic death of his wife, Private Investigator Derek Cole is hired to protect a family from their son who had already killed three and promised to add his family to his list of victims. Cole learns that the child was born heartless and declared dead at birth. Or so the parents were told.

Revenge is Only a Heartbeat Away

Alexander Black should not have lived. Born a con-joined twin, he shared one heart with his twin. When doctors, desperate to save at least one child, separated Alexander from the shared heart, they expected him to die.

But Alexander Black refused to die

Smuggled away and hidden in a psychiatric hospital where he is tested by doctors driven to uncover the medical mysteries keeping him alive, Alexander grows. And as he grows, so too does his desire for revenge.

A Thousand Miles of Pain Leaves a Three Inch Scar

As Private Investigator Derek Cole begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding his case, he realizes that before the bizarre and dangerous case of the heartless Alexander Black can be solved, he first needs to solve a mystery from his own troubled past. And the answer to that mystery may prove to save his life.


Praise for Heartless

“I really can’t say enough about this book. I just loved it. I’ve read it twice now. I love mysteries that keep me guessing, and this one does exactly that.” Laura Pope

“From the moment I started to read this book, I was immersed in the story! The story line, the events, the idea of it all will firmly old your attention until the very last word.” Turckman

“Exquisite writing! Keeps you on the edge trying to deduce what happens next! The ending drove me insane, don’t know how I felt about that, irritated and maybe a little intrigued! Great read. Kitteh

“An enjoyable read from the first to the last page. I truly recommend this book to anyone who is wanting to be so thoroughly engrossed in a story they forget to carry out planned tasks. A well written story that I would highly recommend” Gillian

“Alexander Black is one of the scariest characters to enter the horror genre in a long time. Great premise and spot-on story-telling” John P

“Interesting and intriguing. I can’t wait to read the next book! If you want a book to stimulate your imagination, this book is for you! Well-written indeed!” LH Thompson

First in the Derek Cole Suspense Thriller Series

Top Ten in Horror and Private Investigator Genres

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