Hanvon Drawing / Graphics USB Tablet 8×6 0806 with Photoshop Elements 3.0 PC / MAC

Hanvon Drawing / Graphics USB Tablet 8×6 0806 with Photoshop Elements 3.0 PC / MAC

Hanvon Drawing / Graphics USB Tablet 8x6 0806 with Photoshop Elements 3.0 PC / MAC

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The HanvonTM Painting Master 0806 brings you an exceptional tool to do more jobs than your mouse can reach, such as drawing, painting, writing, and annotating. Working as a pen, it liberates your hand to interact with your computer by the natural feelings that you accustom to in daily life. When not drawing, it also acts as a fully functioned mouse.
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It works with all major graphic programs easily. By installing it, you will get the pressure sensitivity within those programs, right away. The 512 level pressure graduation with as fine as 0.025mm resolution will satisfy any professional graphic artist, and be easily handled by any non-experienced people, too. By using proper software, you will be able to touch up your digital photos, carving out your pictures, making greeting card, and even make your artworks on computer.

Our featured bundled software enable you to digitally sign your documents, annotate webpage, PDF and word documents, and mark up your Powerpoint presentation. You are also able to send your hand written E-mail to your friends through the digital ink technology. You can work them under both PC and Macintosh® environment.
Our patented battery-free, cordless technology substantially decreases the pen weight, and lets your pen work flexibly and smoothly with the pad. The transparent pad membrane lets you to slip any drawings underneath it to trace on top. The USB port connection also provides an easy way for installation.

List Price: $ 40.99

Price: $ 40.99

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