Gran Turismo Sport Closed BETA PEUGEOT VGT 550cv 7800 rpm Circuit Blue Moon Bay HD

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Racing Wheel : Thrustmaster T500RS + Shift TH8R
Gran Turismo Sport

The Vision Gran Turismo programme is a series of fictional concept cars for video games, developed by a cross-section of the world’s top automobile manufacturers.

These vehicles are designed to appear originally in the video games Gran Turismo 6, and later in Gran Turismo Sport, both from Polyphony Digital. For the most part, they apply current-day technology and materials with two notable exceptions which have novel propulsion and aerodynamic technologies.

Their appearance as free driveable cars has been staggered since the launch of the game in 2013, with each one being available for download once work is complete.

The cars have been met with critical acclaim for their novel approach to aesthetics and performance. Real-life models have been shown at motor shows in Japan, Germany, England, the USA and Switzerland.

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