ConQuest: A Space Opera Paranormal Thriller (The Quest Saga Science Fiction Adventure Series Book 1) Reviews

ConQuest: A Space Opera Paranormal Thriller (The Quest Saga Science Fiction Adventure Series Book 1)

ConQuest: A Space Opera Paranormal Thriller (The Quest Saga Science Fiction Adventure Series Book 1)

An ordinary man would fear the realm of the unknown.

An extraordinary boy would conquer it.

Enemies can come from a different country, different continent or even a different planet, but what if they came from a different Universe? When a freak space phenomenon threatens to tear open the ancient seals of the Universe, teenage rookie Q and his crew are told to head out and gather vital data on the situation.

What they weren’t told is they wouldn’t be coming back.

Thrilling, adventurous and action-packed, ConQuest promises to be a page turning read that’ll always keep you guessing.

Book 1 of the #1 bestselling Space Opera series, The Quest Saga

Author interview

Q – So what makes the Quest Saga so special?

A -What makes this series special is that it dares to go beyond cultural norm, and fuse together fantasy and science fiction – an ideal that only star wars has pulled off so far. Overall this is an action packed adventure that promises to be exciting and thrilling on every single page – and I’ve made sure there’s never a dull moment.

Q – What kind of series is the Quest Saga?

A – It’s a mix of things basically, which makes it really hard to select a proper genre for it. I’d say it’s primarily a Young Adult Space Opera book. That makes you think it’s Science Fiction, which is partly true, but this book has strong elements of Paranormal fantasy, which is initially weird to think about. I was very worried if people would like books which fused together dominant elements of both Fantasy and Science Fiction in a Space-Opera/Space-Exploration world. Then Scott Terry, a NYT bestselling author of the Young Adult Science Fiction Series “The Game is Life”, told me he read my books, and said it resembled “Star Wars” a lot. First of all that was an amazing comment to get from a Action-Adventure Author like him, and then there’s the added advantage of finally figuring out a niche for my book. So now, instead of calling it a “Young Adult Space Opera” I’ll be calling it “The book that resembles Star Wars” or maybe “A young adult Dystopian space opera”.

Q – Why should readers give these books a try?

A – Well, I’d say if someone wanted a quick easy read with action-packed adventures, this is the novel for them. Most people love space exploration adventures, and this one combines them with another amazing story tool – magic. So if you want to know what would happen if magic existed in a high-tech space world, this is the book for you.

Q – How many books are in the Quest Saga?

A – I’ve planned this out to be a series of five books. So far there are three stories, and I’m actively writing the next two in the series.

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