CMS Magnetics 1.26″ Sphere Neodymium Magnet One Piece Ball Magnet – Novelty Toy for Fun – Storage Box Included for Added Safety

CMS Magnetics 1.26″ Sphere Neodymium Magnet One Piece Ball Magnet – Novelty Toy for Fun – Storage Box Included for Added Safety

CMS Magnetics 1.26

  • LARGE AND STRONG NEODYMIUM Sphere MAGNET: 1.26″ Sphere Neodymium Magnet, Made of High Quality Neodymium Magnetic Material
  • THE ONLY SPHERE NEODYMIUM OFFERED: This is the only Sphere Magnet Available on Aamzon. The Size is Large and Safe
  • THE BEST COATING AVAILABLE: Ni+Cu+Ni Heavy Duty Triple Layer Plated, Nice and Shinny
  • FULLY MAGNETIZED: Magnetized through, Half the Sphere is North Pole and Half the Sphere is South Pole
  • TOP QUALITY AND 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEED: Made via State of the Art Technology under ISO 9001 Quality Systems. No Hassle Return Policy

This 1.26″ diameter sphere magnet is made of neodymium rare earth magnetic material, which is the most powerful magnetic material available. It is so strong that its strength is sure to surprise you. It is also the only magnetic sphere that is currently on the market that is compliant to the CPSC safety regulations. It will give lots fun to own and play with it. This magnetic sphere is composed of a neodymium, iron, and boron magnetic alloy blend and is plated in a premium nickel-copper-nickel triple layer for a shiny corrosion resistant finish. Not the magnets you played with as children 15-20 times the force of those old time magnets. Never experienced powerful Neodymium magnets? Now is the time! Our Neodymium Sphere Magnets high saturation magnetization & tetragonal crystalline structure ensures top physical pulling force & maximum energy product The Ultimate Strength Magnets For Sale In The USA Today! Grade tested accurate & guaranteed These super strong magnets for sale at great prices all have a redline inscribed north pole for easy identification This are permanent rare earth sphere magnet & last 100 years Users School Teachers Machinists Magicians Students Hobbyists Inventors technicians DIYers Mars Rovers (yup up there) Craft magnets Uses Hobbies Therapy Storage Experiments Science Fairs Labs Garages Schools Offices Magic shops garages parking Note: 1. All magnets are fragile and may chip or shatter. If used properly, these magnets can serve you for a lifetime.
2. Keep them away from pacemakers and children under 5 years old.
3. We do our best to get your positive reviews. We love to hear from our customers. Should you have any issues or questions about your order, please contact us before leaving any negative comments or feedback.

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 14.99

150 Pcs Round Magnets with North Pole Marking – Ceramic Thin Magnets – Craft Magnets Size is 22 mm (7/8)

150 Pcs Round Magnets with North Pole Marking - Ceramic Thin Magnets - Craft Magnets Size is 22 mm (7/8)

  • 150 PCS CERAMIC MAGNETS IN A BOX – best offer on the market, there are enough thin magnets to implement all your ideas and innovations
  • NORTH POLE MARK – the North pole of each magnet is marked by dimple, it allows you to use the correct side of round magnet ceramic
  • SENSIBLE CHOICE – ceramic disc magnets are cheaper than earth neodymium craft magnets
  • MULTIPURPOSE ROUND MAGNETS – it’s possible to use our magnets round disc as magnetic fasteners, magnets for crafts, bottle cap magnets or refrigerator magnets. Our magnets heavy duty are very useful
  • 30 DAYS GUARANTEE TO RETURN – if you do not like it, return them and we will give you all the money spent, no questions asked

Make your life more convenient!

The Best Offer on the Magnets Market.

Our round magnets will be enough for all your needs. The box contains 150 ceramic magnets for crafts. Each one is Marked with Dimple to Indicate Polarity.
Can be used in: Art and Craft projects, Science, Handmade Souvenirs.
If you are a Crafter, Teacher, Office worker or DIY Handmade Lover these Button Magnets are made for you!

Arts and Crafts for Crafters

Develop your creativity with craft magnets. Are you tired of the monotony shop gifts and souvenirs? You have the ability to change it and create a thing, which originality will attract everyone’s attention. You can use craft magnets round for bottle caps for crafts, bottle cap epoxy glaze stickers, wood circle slices, Swarovski rhinestones crystals.

Teachers and Office Workers

Strong magnets are perfect for keeping the materials on the boards with metal content.

DIY Handmade Lovers

Handyman can use them to hang tools in the working area.

Easy to use

To use magnets ceramic for your goal you should put glue (for example E6000 glue, Bond 527 or others) on the magnet and stick it to the thing where it is needed.

Why you should take Magnets from Touch’n’Keep?

– 150 ceramic disc magnets in Box
– Great quality, Grade 5
– Strong flat ferrite magnets are much cheaper than rare earth neodymium magnets
– Convenient size – Diameter – 22 mm (7/8)”, Thickness – 3 mm (2/16)”

Due to these opinions and to our customers rule about 100% Moneyback Guarantee => click ADD TO CART right now and start using magnets in a few days.

List Price: $ 15.45

Price: $ 15.45

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