Assetto Corsa Cars Dodge Charger RT 1969 v1.3 Downloads MODs

Assetto Corsa Cars Dodge Charger RT 1969 v1.3 Downloads MODs

The Dodge Charger is a brand of automobile marketed by Dodge. The first Charger was a show car in 1964. There have been several different production Chargers, built on three different platforms and sizes. In the U.S., the Charger nameplate has been used on subcompact hatchbacks, full-sized sedans, and personal luxury coupes. The current version is a four-door sedan.

The three main iterations of Dodge Chargers were a mid-size (B-body) two-door car (1966–78), a subcompact (L-body) car (1983–87), and the (LX) full-size platform four-door sedans built since 2006.

The name was also carried by a 1999 concept car that differed substantially from the Charger eventually placed into production for the 2006 model year. A similar name plate, the Ramcharger, was used for the truck-type vehicle.
The name Charger was also used in Brazil as a performance model based on the Dart (A-Body) (1971–80).

3D model by Forza, physics by Dmitrii A. Mod include 2 engines: 426 HEMI and 440 MAGNUM. Suspension, engine, transmission and another based on real data.
1.3 – new tyres v7, update 3D model, fix some data.

Assetto Corsa 
Dodge Charger RT 1969 v1.3 
1700kg 357-425HP 629-664Nm 0-100: 4.2-5.2s 240+km/h
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