American Government: Myths and Realities

American Government: Myths and Realities

American Government: Myths and Realities

What the typical introductory-level student knows about American government and politics is often based on common myths that distort the reality of the political world. Rather than dismissing those myths as outright falsehoods, American Government: Myths and Realities, 2014 Election Edition, encourages students to confront their preconceived notions in order to think critically about government and politics. Clearly and distinctively woven into each chapter, the myths-and-realities theme provides a pedagogical framework that engages students with interesting conundrums while effectively covering the core concepts of American government.


* Stunning full-color visuals and updated graphs and charts

* Full coverage of the 2014 midterm elections and Supreme Court decisions

* Updated throughout to address such issues as public opinion and political participation, the media, and civil liberties and civil rights (now covered in two separate chapters)

* “Policy Connection” features at the end of each chapter present domestic and foreign policy content

* “Asked & Answered” features employ a question-and-answer format in order to examine various political issues

* “Politics & Popular Culture” features, available online at, demonstrate how music, movies, television, and books reflect and impact the way that Americans think about government and politics

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Price: $ 48.00

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