Air Travel for Wheelchair Users

Air Travel for Wheelchair Users

Air Travel for Wheelchair Users

Are you a wheelchair user and want to learn about the process of traveling by plane before you take off for the first time? Or perhaps you’re a frequent flier and would just like to learn how to make the process easier for future flights? If you have ever wished that there was a guide to accessible air travel, this is the book for you!

Air Travel for Wheelchair Users is the first book entirely devoted to alleviating any fears that wheelchair users may have when it comes to flying. The entire process, from how to prepare for your upcoming flight to what to do after you land at your destination, is covered in depth. You will learn tips and tricks to make the boarding process easier and your flight more comfortable, as well as what your rights are as a wheelchair user when it comes to flying. Other valuable resources are included in the book, such as where accessible companion care restrooms are located in thirty of the world’s most popular airports. There is also information about accessible transportation in all thirty of those cities, so you’ll even be covered once you arrive at your destination.

Whether you are anticipating your first flight or have flown dozens of times, Air Travel for Wheelchair Users was made for you!


The Ravenscraig Legacy Collection: A World of Magical Highland Romance

The Ravenscraig Legacy Collection: A World of Magical Highland Romance

Allie Mackay’s complete Ravenscraig Legacy series: Four full-length Scottish romance novels! If you love Scotland and big, brawny men in kilts, this one’s for you…

HIGHLANDER IN HER BED: American tour guide Mara McDougall visits a London antique shop and spots perhaps the handsomest bed ever. Then she bumps into the most gorgeous man ever – an irresistible Highlander she can’t forget. Not even when she learns that she’s inherited a Scottish castle.

Sir Alexander Douglas has hated Clan MacDougall since he was a medieval knight and they tricked him into a curse-the curse of forever haunting the bed (the very one that Mara now owns) that was once intended for his would-be bride. But Mara makes him feel what no other MacDougall has-a passion that he never knew he’d missed.

Red-hot chemistry ignites from the moment Sir Alex and Mara meet.”

~ A Romance Review

HIGHLANDER IN HER DREAMS: After stepping through a magical gateway, Kira Bedwell finds herself in fourteenth century Scotland, face-to-face with Aidan MacDonald, the irresistible Highlander who has visited her in dreams. Now that their romance transcends dreams to reality, they find themselves under attack by Aidan’s enemies. It will take all of their courage and will for their love to survive beyond time itself…

Aidan is a Romantic Times K.I.S.S of the Month Hero!

“Highlander in Her Dreams is a fun, sexy story. HOT.” ~ Romantic Times Magazine

TALL, DARK, and KILTED: Cilla Swanner has been jilted by her lover, and she is struggling with a jewelry business that’s far from sparkling. She needs a getaway someplace quiet and remote. Someplace like Dunroamin Castle in Scotland. But what she finds there may be more than she can handle.

Centuries ago, the roguish Scots knight known as Hardwick was renowned for his swordmanship, both on and off the battlefield. But a traveling bard cursed him to wander the world forever, pleasing a different woman each night with no hope of fulfillment or true love. Then Hardwick meets Cilla, who may be his only chance for salvation.

“Tall, Dark, and Kilted is outlandishly funny one minute and seductively sensual the next.”

~ Wild on Books

SOME LIKE IT KILTED: Mindy Menlove lives in a castle that was transported stone by stone from Scotland to Pennsylvania. When she must sell the estate, her plans soon unravel. She’s bound for the Hebrides, a place she’d hoped to avoid. Once there, she’s confronted by the castle’s original builder, who happens to be maddeningly irresistible and seven hundred years young.

Bran of Barra was a legendary Highland chieftain. Since his demise he’s enjoyed his ghostly pleasures – until a feisty female from across the Atlantic claims that she’s come to Scotland to restore his ancestral home. It’s a task she hasn’t accepted willingly, and if the roguish Bran doesn’t change Mindy’s mind about his bonnie homeland – and him – neither of them will ever find any peace. But unexpected passion can be the most powerful…

“Bran of Barra is one of the most compelling heroes I’ve read. I wouldn’t mind having him show up in my bedroom to carry me back in time to his castle.”

~ Love Romances & More

Enjoy these tales filled with Highland magic and the beauty of Scotland!


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