AI.Frame Apollo AIF-44-0 Humanoid DIY Robot Kit Compatible with Arduino

AI.Frame Apollo AIF-44-0 Humanoid DIY Robot Kit Compatible with Arduino

Ai.Frame Apollo is an open-source, miniature humanoid robot. Versatile, abundant upgrades, customizable commands, pre-assembled or self-assembly.

Apollo is equipped with 16 metal micro actuator, the body skeleton is made of acrylic sheet material, using a laser cutting process. Fuselage using 3D printing technology to produce (mold), currently housing a total of three different styles, users can also customize their favorite shell, and his name or logo printed on the outer shell. Its suite of for parts, the user needs to DIY. Control part adopts 32 servo control board, and is equipped with intelligent mobile phone remote control software to remote control robot.

Technical parameters
Frame material: acrylic sheet
Housing material: ABS engineering plastic
Protocol: Bluetooth 4.0
Width height (CM): 18*11*22CM
Main control panel CPU signal: STM32
Power Board features: low voltage protection, overload protection,
Servo performance:Actuator:R & D servo, performance better, more durable
Gear: all-metal with overload protection
PWM output: 32   50HZ PWM
Control software: graphics software
Mobile APP support: Android+IOS
Battery: 850 mAh
Weight: 680g
Two versions: Acrylic Gear Servo and Metal Gear Servo
Note:This product is self-assembly.       

Note:Spare and optional parts will be added later
Packing details
Box gross weight: 1600g
Color box dimensions: 39*28.5*14 cm
Carton size: 1PC/CN
Carton gross weight: 1800g
Carton dimensions: 40*30*15cm

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