A Biographical History of Philosophy (Classic Reprint)

A Biographical History of Philosophy (Classic Reprint)

A Biographical History of Philosophy (Classic Reprint)

The.present series exhibits so great a divergence 9rom the ordinary route, tK at a word in explanation. may not be supuous. The omission of several. iniiliar names, and the disproportionate length at which some articles are treated, might otherwise be regarded as negligence or caprice. If 1have sinned in this respect, it Hah been upon system. Important as it was that the account of Modem: Philosophy should not exceed two volumes (f6r if it had exceeded that quantity, it might as well, have run to half-a-dozen), my first cgnsideration was to unite fulness with brevity. An account of all the modems would have occupied treble the spacer imless I had contented myself with a skeleton of facts, repulsive in its rigidity. Driven to a selection, the nature of this work at once determined the principle of selection. As it is the History and not. the AnnalS of Philosophy, only such names as represent the various schools have been chosen. Thus, Phave given Descartes, but none of his school; Spinoza, but noS pinozist;. Locke, but no Lockist; Et, but no Kiantist.
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